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As tipsters we have the responsibility not to create gamblers with the need to play daily, making the user see that they should only play when there are bets with value within the market that we dominate. Many users are aware and follow everything we publish at the moment, therefore it is key to ensure that they are clear about this concept so as not to promote it like this 
gambling, a psychological disorder, an illness, which usually has serious consequences and that from
this page we will always try to combat.


Long term. Sports betting should be seen as a long-distance race, you should be patient and keep a cool head in bad streaks, this will make the difference between a winner and a loser.
You should never look for short-term profit and you should be willing to take possible losses along the way.

Know your limits. No one can be an expert in everything, you must know your virtues and know how to exploit them. If one day there is no competition in the sport that we dominate or simply there is no   selection with value, do not bet. You must not make your life revolve around gambling.

Our work methodology is based on advanced statistics, you should always keep your feelings away from sports betting, leave your heart aside and always bet with your head.
We have a database with more than 10,000 statistics, which combine all the markets with which we work. We do all the work, your part as a bettor will only be to respect the bets as they are sent and with the stake assigned to them. Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the game, we take care of the rest.

From Ingeniero Picks we encourage responsible gambling and we encourage you to always bet responsibly.

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