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My name is Antonio, born in Córdoba and Industrial Electronic Engineer by profession. Like you who are reading this, I am passionate about sports. 8 years ago, I discovered sports betting, an instrument through which I could earn money doing one of the things I like the most, enjoying sports. Sounds good, right? But as the old Spanish proverb says, all that glitters is not gold.


Let's start, of course, at the beginning of this story. As you may have been at some point too, of course, I started out as a novice at this. I stumbled over many of the usual stones of this "jungle" that are sports betting: wanting to be "rich" in two days, not knowing key concepts (stake, bank, yield...), scammers who only want your money... Anyway, surely you already know what I'm talking about. But sometimes a defeat can hide the seed of future victories. Discovering what lies beyond a defeat is one of the key learning strategies. We live in a "results-oriented" society, in which everything is usually judged based on the results obtained. One of the keys to motivation lies in achieving goals. If we achieve the planned objectives, we are successful. And if we don't get them, we qualify it as a failure. However, sticking only to what the results say means oversimplifying things.  

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WhatsApp Image 2021-09-06 at 19.13.51.jpeg

Little by little, I became increasingly interested in this world of betting. Why couldn't I make a profit? What was I doing wrong?...

It's simple, to do the practice, you must first master the theory, something that most bettors overlook. That's where I put my
efforts. My results changed, I focused on two markets (football and NBA) and specialized in them, I dominated them... I made money every month. The long-awaited results had arrived, it was time to go one step further.

Ingeniero Picks was born 4 years ago, as a simple hobby of a person who was passionate about sports and was good at sports betting and with one main objective: to help you earn money with sports betting. Show that with perseverance, head and concepts you can be part of the winning percentage. Today we are more than 5000 members in the family, we have chained 11 months adding in the last year and we are a world reference in the NBA, League and Champions League player market. Our experience and results support us... Join us and  earn money enjoying one of your passions.

What are you waiting for to be a member of the Ingeniero Picks family?

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