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  • I am from outside Spain, will I be able to follow the forecasts?
    The forecasts can be followed from any time zone. In the group there are users from many different countries and there is no problem. The forecasts will always be left well in advance, so that there is no difficulty in following them.
  • How do I know what amount to add to each forecast?
    All forecasts have their corresponding stake assigned, you simply have to follow it. ❗️If you don't know how staking works, ask me privately and I'll explain it to you without any problem. It is KEY to know this concept well.
  • What does the Premium Group include?
    With the payment of the Premium, you get 100% of my forecasts during the month, always argued and left well in advance. Keep in mind that only 10% of the total content is left for the FREE channel.
  • What sports does the Premium group include?
    The Premium includes predictions for the NBA, Spanish Football League, Champions League, Copa del Rey and many more competitions
  • Will I be able to follow the forecasts from my bookie?
    The forecasts can be followed from practically any bookie, since all the markets that are worked on in the group are liquid markets.
  • From where will I receive the forecasts?
    The forecasts are sent through a private Telegram channel. Once you have purchased your subscription, our server automatically sends the link to access the group to your email.
  • How many forecasts are there monthly?
    60 monthly PICKS on average. The volume of daily bets will depend on the market that day.
  • How can I access the Premium Group?
    You can access the Premium Group by purchasing any of the promotions available in our website plans and prices section:
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